Plastic's Not Fantastic in Epping Forest


On Sunday 10th December 2017 over 13 million people watched Blue Planet 2, which highlighted the impact plastics are having on our oceans.

In the UK, 35 million plastic bottles are bought every day – that’s 200 per person every year – and 44% of these are not recycled. This means 16 million plastic bottles every day end up in our environment, whether sent to landfill, incinerated or simply dumped in the countryside, parks, streets or beaches. 

Although the heart of the problem lies with large corporations and their packaging decisions there is still a lot that we can do locally, whether as individuals or small businesses.

Will you join our campaign to say Plastic's Not Fantastic in Epping Forest?

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Amelia's plastic-free week

At the start of December Amelia Womack, Green Party Deputy Leader, spent a plastic-free week. In this video she discusses the problems she faced, the surprising prevalence of plastics in our day-to-day lives and alternatives she discovered.


On the District Council

Here in Epping Forest Cllr Steven Neville, Green Party councillor for Buckhurst Hill East, has been working with the Council's Environmental Coordinator to reduce single-use plastics.

Steven says, 'I first raised this at Full Council in September 2016 and the council is now looking into ways of reducing its use of single-use plastics. Blue Planet 2 has brought home the harm such plastics can cause to sea, animal and plant life and ultimately us. So it is important to do all we can to reduce our usage.'

Environment Manifesto

Environment Manifesto

The Green Party would promote the culture of reusing and refilling, through: the introduction of a bottle deposit scheme; free public water dispensers and a community refill scheme; and an end to unnecessary single-use plastics.

Tackling plastic waste sits alongside our long-standing commitment to creating a more circular economy - where recycling and reusing materials become central to our way of life.