Do we need a School Uniform Exchange in Epping Forest?

29 September 2018

The cost of school uniforms is a major hurdle for low-waged families and the uniforms themselves can be wasteful if not passed on to others.

One way to tackle both of these problems is a School Uniform Exchange, where used/outgrown uniforms are donated for others to buy at minimal cost.

There are many School Uniform Exchanges across the country, several run by local authorities.

Epping Forest Green Party is considering approaching our District Council to ask them to set up an exchange scheme for our district.

Before we ask them we're trying to find out how much demand there is for one.

Could you please take a couple of minutes to fill in our very quick form to help us find out?

For more information please read this very informative blog from the Huffington Post: 

‘It’s Taken So Much Stress Out Of My Life’: What School Uniform Exchanges Mean To Parents

 If you have difficulty using this embedded form you can also fill it in here:


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