Waltham Abbey Town Council joins campaign to say plastic's not fantastic

22 December 2017

Plastic bottles with Plastic's Not Fantastic text.Our Plastic's Not Fantastic in Epping Forest campaign, which aims to cut down on single-use plastics, has got off to a great start with Waltham Abbey Town Council agreeing to support the campaign.

Dave Plummer, the Green Party's Waltham Abbey Town Coordinator, started the campaign after watching the BBC's Blue Planet 2 series.

Dave said, ''Like many people I was aware of the problems associated with single-use plastics, both on a local level and internationally, but was spurred into action by Blue Planet 2. It was clear from the meeting on Wednesday 20th that Waltham Abbey's town councillors really understand the importance of the issue. Their support is a big boost to the campaign and will hopefully encourage other town/parish councils, businesses and individuals to get on board.'

Ahead of the Town Council meeting, Dave spoke to some of the small businesses on Waltham Abbey's Sun Street and Highbridge Street, asking if they'd support the campaign and agree to fill reusable water bottles for free. All but one of the small businesses he approached agreed to help out.

'Hopefully reusable, or at least biodegradable bottles, cutlery, straws and packaging will soon become the norm. I hope that this campaign will be a step in helping that happen.'

For more information about the campaign please visit the dedicated section on our website: Plastic's Not Fantastic in Epping Forest