Planning power grab passes despite cross-party opposition

27 September 2017

Cllr Steven NevilleA District Council meeting on Tuesday 26th September voted to allow decisions by local planning sub-committees to be referred back to a central committee if the application is for council owned land.

Despite opposition from the Greens, Liberal Democrats, Loughton Residents Association, UKIP and independent councillors the Conservative Party's majority voted the motion through by 26 votes to 16, with two abstentions.

Green Party councillor Steven Neville opposed the motion, saying,

"To have an application automatically go up to DDMC just because an area subcommittee has rejected it, stops it being judged on its own merits and looks like a power grab from the cabinet.

Whether it is or not it looks like that, to get their applications through. If they had been in opposition they may have well opposed it."

You can watch Cllr Neville's full speech at the meeting here: