Greens support petition for better waste disposal in Epping Forest

1 September 2017

Epping Forest Greens are asking people to support a petition to get better waste disposal provision in Epping Forest.

The petition, started by Epping Forest Forum's Paul Morris, calls on Essex County Council to, 'Review the council waste disposal centre policy for Epping Forest and provide at least one centre in the district that can accept DIY waste such as other parts of the county have.'

Green Party District Councillor Steven Neville said, 'Greens on Essex County Council opposed the changes to waste disposal sites back when they were first proposed in October 2016. We knew that refusing DIY waste would lead to an inevitable increase in fly-tipping, blighting our district, and that residents would find themselves having to drive miles extra to find a council tip.'

'Unfortunately we've been proved correct.'

James Abbott, the Green Party's County Councillor for Witham North, led the County Council Green Group's opposition to the changes in 2016. He lent his support to the petition, saying, 'Since being elected to Essex County Council in 2013 I have fought to keep recycling centres local and accessible. We should be making it as easy as possible for people to recycle, not increasing restrictions on the few recycling and waste disposal centres that we have.'

The petition to Essex County Council is online here: Review the council waste disposal centre policy for Epping Forest.