Step free access at Buckhurst Hill station by 2020.

30 June 2017

Cllrs Heap and NevilleAfter years of campaigning Councillors Steven Neville and Simon Heap have welcomed the news that Buckhurst Hill station has been included in the next set of works for tube stations have step free access.

It is one of six stations that will benefit. According to Transport for London the works will start later this year and should be completed by 2020.

Councillor Neville said "It has taken a number of years, defeating arguments put up against doing it, a great deal of pressure by myself and other campaigners especially the Buckhurst Hill Residents Society, but finally we are here and I'm quite simply delighted. It is over 30 years since those entrances were last open, and will be a real boon to disabled people and mums and dads with children in buggies. However we shall be closely monitoring them to make sure they do complete by 2020."

Councillor Heap said "I think I can speak for all Buckhurst Hill residents when I say we have been waiting for this for many years. We have put a lot of effort into this campaign and I'm glad that Sadiq Khan has signed this off."

Councillor Neville had won a commitment to reopening the station from the then managing director of Transport for London a few years back - it all hinged on the feasibility study which was published earlier in the year.