Greens call on public to take part in bus consultation

11 June 2017


Epping Forest Green Party encourages everybody who uses the 250 and/or 251 bus services to complete the Essex County Council consultation, which is currently available on line. The County Council proposes to completely cut financial support for the services from Monday to Saturday, leaving people travelling to, for example, Loughton from Waltham Abbey stranded if they they're there after seven thirty. Anybody from Loughton who works in Waltham Cross will be unable to get a bus home after ten to seven. 

Dave Plummer, Epping Forest Green party activist and public transport campaigner, said,

'These proposals would be terrible news for anybody along the routes who doesn't drive but needs to travel after 8pm. The last bus from Waltham Cross to Loughton and Debden will leave before seven o'clock before heading back to Waltham Cross at twenty past seven, bypassing Loughton High Road altogether. How is this going to affect the small businesses on Loughton High Road, many of which are hospitality businesses which rely on public transport for many of their staff members and customers?'

'The under-use of our bus services is a major concern and one that points to the utter failure of our County Council and private operators to agree a reliable, affordable service which is fit for purpose. Our roads are already overcrowded, parking is an increasing problem and the long term health and environmental implications of more cars on our roads are becoming apparent. We won't address any of that by cutting bus services even further.'

'Epping Forest residents have already seen the loss of, among others, the 505 and a reduced 167 route. For the sake of residents, our local economy, our childrens' health and the environment these cuts have to stop and be reversed.'

The Essex County Council consultation is online and open until 3rd July: