Green councillor supports keeping democracy at the heart of the community

23 December 2016

Green Councillor, Steven Neville, voted against a move by the Conservatives to move the meeting place of Area Planning Committee South from Roding Valley School to the Civic Offices in Epping.

Councillor Neville said "Issues of safety were raised and yet we've had no issues of safety at Roding Valley, but there have been at the Civic offices for other planning committees.  Issues of fairness were raised that Plans South was the only committee not meeting at the Civic offices; well maybe the other planning committees shouldn't meet at the Civic offices either but go out into the community!"

"Roding Valley School is much better served by public transport than the Civic offices. Surely we should make it easier for residents to come to planning meetings not harder as those arguing for Several Councillors including the Leader, stated public transport was rubbish getting to Epping but still voted for the motion. Indeed some buses finish before the meeting even begins."

"This is a bad move environmentally as it will increase the council's carbon footprint not lessen it. Why was the move not formally brought up at Plans South? Because it was likely to be voted down. The reasons given for supporting the motion were largely quite erroneous. This is a bad decision."

Full Council voted 27 in favour of the motion and 21 against, notably that a majority of Plans South councillors voted against.

You can watch the debate online here: