Greens call on council to publish secret health plans

25 October 2016

The Green Party has contacted the leader of Epping Forest District Council asking him to publish local health care proposals on the council's website.

Dave Plummer, Epping Forest Green Party's co-ordinator, said,

'The Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) have been discussed behind closed doors, with negligible public involvement. The first a lot of people knew of them was when 38 Degrees research revealed that the proposals could see health services cut and increasing privatisation. We've heard rumours that the Princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow could be downgraded.'

'The draft STP for Hertfordshire and West Essex, which covers Epping Forest, was submitted on Friday. Initially the plans were to be made public on Monday or Tuesday but Clinical Commissioning Groups have been told to hold back until an unspecified date. We don't think that this is acceptable and are calling on Epping Forest District Council to follow the lead of other councils, including Birmingham and Solihull and Camden, by publishing the plans on their website.'

'Health provision will be a major factor in the Epping Forest Local Plan, which is currently in a period of public consultation. We believe that the public should know what the STP proposals are, partly so that we can all make informed contributions to the local plan and partly because the NHS is a vital service and we should be made aware of any changes that are proposed on our behalf.'

At the Green Party's Autumn Conference a motion was passed to oppose STPs: Green Party campaign to stop NHS “Slash and Trash Plans” and protect and restore A&E services

The 38 Degrees research is here: Reveal the secret plans for the NHS