Local Plan


The Epping Forest Local Plan will set planning policy until 2033. Epping Forest Green Party accepts the necessity for more homes and business development in the district but we take issue with some of the proposed sites and the lack of infrastructure commitment.

Epping Forest Green Party’s stance on the local plan is that there should be development, on a smaller scale than envisaged by the local plan, and that it should be proportionate around the district, sensitive to local circumstances and designed to meet current infrastructure backlogs as well as planning the infrastructure of future development.

It should be active in encouraging people in all parts of the district to get out of their cars and onto public transport, cycling and walking. Public Transport should be improved across the district and not just in areas of high development.

Any development must be sensitively handled in terms of the natural environment and must be as friendly to wildlife as possible with hedges instead of fences and any fences designed with holes the creatures like hedgehogs to get through. It must preserve as much of the existing Flora as possible.

All developments must be designed to the highest environmental specification as possible. Passive house should be the ideal but at the very least houses should have strong installation, solar panels on the roof et cetera.

Affordable housing must be just that: affordable. Therefore socially rented housing should be a much stronger part of the 40% affordable housing allocation.



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Environment Manifesto

Environment Manifesto

The Green Party would promote the culture of reusing and refilling, through: the introduction of a bottle deposit scheme; free public water dispensers and a community refill scheme; and an end to unnecessary single-use plastics.

Tackling plastic waste sits alongside our long-standing commitment to creating a more circular economy - where recycling and reusing materials become central to our way of life.