Greens don't just turn up at election time - we work hard for and with our communities all year round.

These are some of the local campaigns we've launched or support.




Plastic's Not Fantastic in Epping Forest

Our campaign to reduce single-use plastics in Epping Forest.


The Waltham Abbey Litter Picking Posse

Launched by Green Party activists Dave Plummer, Carina Hill and Linda Johnson-Laird, this group organises litter picking in Waltham Abbey



Hands Off Waltham Holy Cross

A parent-led campaign which we have played an active role in, trying to prevent Waltham Holy Cross primary school from being forced into becoming an academy.


Stop Epping Forest School Cuts

We support and promote the School Cuts campaign. Epping Forest's schools are facing funding cuts of a staggering £2,816,069 between 2015 and 2020.




Epping Forest Transport Action Group

We kickstarted the Epping Forest Transport Action Group (EFTAG), campaigning for better public transport and safer streets in our district.


Lee Valley Parking Action Group

Another community-led campaign which we were heavily involved in, the Lee Valley Parking Action Group was set up to challenge increased parking charges at Lee Valley Regional Park sites. We initially contacted the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority to raise the issue of no concessions being made for blue badge holders but soon became active in the general campaign as we came to appreciate the implications for the wider community.