About Epping Forest Green Party

The Green Party has been active in Epping Forest since the 1980s, though we didn't really get going until we regrouped in March 2008. At the time we covered the Epping Forest, Harlow and Brentford & Ongar parliamentary constituencies, along with Harlow and Epping Forest District Councils. Under the leadership of Jess Barnecutt and Chris Lord we stood six candidates in the Epping Forest District Council elections that year. Although we didn't win any seats the campaign established the Green Party as part the area's political map.

Our membership grew over the next few years and in 2014, after lots of hard graft and a few setbacks, we won our first District Council seat when Steven Neville was elected for Buckhurst Hill East.

From Winter 2014 to Spring 2015 our membership increased by over 200% and our growing support was reflected in the May 2015 Town, District and General Elections where we increased our vote in many areas.

Following the elections, it became clear that our increased support and the geographical size of our patch were unmanageable for a single local party so in August 2015 Harlow members formed Harlow Green Party.

In May 2016 we won our second seat on Epping Forest District Council with Simon Heap joining Steven Neville in Buckhurst Hill East.

Epping Forest Greens continue to campaign for our district, through Cllr Neville, community groups and as individuals. We actively campaign to make things better in Epping Forest, not just when there's an election looming.

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